Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 31 in the Premier League

This round is gonna come after the break for the internationals, so some good and some bad streaks are going to be broken. Lucky for some, unlucky for others. But, what can you do. Let's take it one by one.

Blackburn v Tottenham - I would love to see the Tots lose badly. You know, just for the sake of it. But, Blacburn are in such a bad shape, that I'm uncertain what will happen. Maybe we'll get lucky and a draw will come out on the horizon. A 0:0 would be lovely

Arsenal v Man City - Oh, the sweetnes of revenge. The money hungry City players are coming to Arsenal's ground, to be punished for the lucky win over at City Stadium. No doubt, 4:0! 

Bolton v Middlesbrough - This, ladies and gents is a clear and obvious goalless draw! 0:0! 

Hull City v Portsmouth - After the stuff Hull's manager has been spiting out, I don't find them charming any more. I hope they lose to Pompey. They won't, but I hope they do. 1:1 prediction. 

Newcastle v Chelsea - Good bye Toon. I hope you have a nice life in the Championship Division. It's about time that they dropped out, so they'll come to their senses, and realize what year it is. Maybe someday they'll come back, but I doubt it, and I wish they don't. 0:2 at the very minimum.

West Brom v Stoke City - Stoke is taking this one and sinking the Brom even deeper. 0:2 perhaps even 0:3. 

West Ham v Sunderland - There will be a lot of goals in this one. I think somewhere around 5 or 6. I think that both defences suck, so it will end with a result like 3:2, 4:2 or 3:3. Hard to tell really.

Fulham v Liverpool - Fulham are a tough nut to crack this year. A lot of big teams fell at the Cotage, Arsenal and Man Utd. included. Hopefuly the short break will be enough to end the streak of Liverpool, and ensure at least a draw. 0:0 would be best for everyone.

Everton v Wigan - A battle of two teams that are high on the league table. Damn it, it could end with no goals, but then, it can have 3 or 4. I can't tell, but am going with a prediction of 1:0 win for the home team.

Man Utd v Aston Villa - I think it's about time that Man Utd find their mojo and start wining again or else Liverpool is taking the title, and no one wants that. And what better team to beat down at the moment, than Aston Villa. 4:0 for the Devils. 


mcginlay said...

ARSENAL V MANCHESTER CITY - well arsenal are finaly getting some goals at home and well man city a not good away from home, i predict this game to be 3-0

BOLTON V MIDDLESBOURGH - two teams that are truefully terrible, bolton have the advantage of being at home so i predict this game to be 1-0

HULL VS PORTSMOUTH - hull started so well but are now sliping. Portsmouth will be fighting for there lifes in this game i predict this game to be 1-2

NEWCASTLE VS CHELSEA - newcaslte have such a good chance with alan shearer taking over till the end of the season but chelsea on the over hand are not on a good run so i am going to have a bit of a gamble with this so i predict this game to be 1-0

WBA VS STOKE - west brom going down stoke need to win i predict 1-3

WEST HAM VS SUNDERLAND - Home advantage i predict 2-1



I.V. said...

I was way off this round, but I'm hopping I'll get it right the next one! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!